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Some Of The Major Unique Contents Covered In Our
India's Best Data Science Course:

Core Data Science

This part of data science training covers overview of data science. In addition, terminologies & applications within data science along with 3 excercizes.

Python For Data Science

Don’t know python? No worries – we got your back. We will teach right from basics of python so even if you don’t know python, you would still be able to make it.

Statistics For Data Science

Our instructor is a master statistician & will help you easily understand and master statistics even though you are not good with maths.

Predictive Modeling & analytics

Training covers detailed practical process & execution. Master logical regressions, modeling. .Master Principles of Predictive analytics.

Machine Learning

Learn to create machine learning algorithms in python. Master making robust machine learning models & using them to solve any complex problems.

20+ Projects

 Dive deep and practice real time on engaging visuals & capstone projects for your portfolio. Perfect for people without any prior oop knowledge.

Visualization With TABLEAU

Master various features of tableau. Create & design the visualizations for your audience. Learn to combine the data & practices to present your story,

Data Scince With R-programming

Master how to use R programming for data science, machine learning & visualization. Use R in data analysis, data manipulation, handle files & web scraping.

Deep Learning

If you wanna begin your deep learning journey then this course is great for you. It is designed in easiest way such that you don’t get bogged down unnecessarily.


Best way to learn SQL is by practicing it. Install free open source database & start writing and running simple queries using data. MYSQL is a free popular database that is compatible with most operating systems,


Jira is most widely used bug tracking and project management tool. If you follow any development methodology you can easily start using Jira in your project as it provides best customization possibilities.


Github can easily be used as a collaboration platform among coders and can be used to build complex systems. As a beginner you should learn programing syntax first.

The Best Experience Ever

Better Detailed 100% practical Industry ready  Syllabus

  1. Data science and its concept 
  2. Scope Of Data Science
  3. Data Engineering
  4. Data Stories
  5. Business Intelligence and Its concepts
  6. Application Of BI In Real World
  7. Basics Of Artificial Intelligence
  8. Applications of AI in the real world
  9. Problem statement understanding 
Assignments and 2 real case projects on design thinking 

10. What are analytics?

11. What are different types of analytics?

12. What is the scope of analytics?

13. Roles of analytics in business

14. Analytics in Excel – hands on

15. Basic statistics – Data, types of data and its functionalities

16. Descriptive Statistics – concepts and practical 

17. Advance Statistics – concepts and practical 

18. Inferential statistics – concepts and practical

19. Statistical algorithms – concepts and practical 

20. statistics in excel – hands on

Assignments and 2 real industrial statistics case studies



21. Basics of python (with practical hands on)

22. Data types of python (with practical hands on)

23. Operators in python (with practical hands on)

24. Loops of python 

25. Control flow in python

26. Functions in python

27. Python Libraries – pandas, numpy and sckitlearn, matplotlib, seaborn, stas module

28. Data analysis using Pandas

29. Feature engineering using pandas, matplotlib, numpy, seaborn 


Assignments & projects on python

30. What is machine learning 

31. types of machine learning 

32. Applications of machine learning 

33. Algorithms of machine learning 

34. Machine learning algorithms using python and excel 

35. supervised machine learning – (concepts and hands on) (regressions and classifications) – linear, polynomial, multiple, KNN, decision tree, random forest

36. unsupervised machine learning – (concepts and hands on) – (clustering, PCA, LDA) K-means, hierarchical clustering

37. Data apps in python using machine learning 


Projects and real case studies on machine learning

38. Basics of R

39. Data types of R

40. Loops of R

41. Visualization in R

42. Machine learning and data analysis in R

43. Regression in R – linear and multiple

44. Classification in R – KNN, logistic

45. Clustering in R – K Means and hierarchical clustering


Assignments and projects on R

46. Introductions to database and its concepts 

47. Introduction to Querying – knowing of syntax

48. SQL Joins and operators

49. Tables creations, Update Dates and aggregations and string functions

50. Modifying databases with SQL

51. Data wrangling and analysis with SQL 

Assignments and projects for SQL 


54. Introduction to visualization

55. Concepts on different charts and graphs

56. Tableau application setup and understanding

57. Concepts of tableau – filters, joins, hierarchy, groups, sets

58. Charts and dashboards in tableau

59. Calculated field and parameters in tableau 

60. Forecasting and clustering in tableau 

61. Business stories in tableau

Assignments and projects for tableau 


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There’s absolutely no eligibility for our data science mentorship program. Anyone who wants to change and transform life and career should and can join the data science masters program with Top Mentor.

Yes absolutely, you will get 100% job assistance after the end of the course. We have tie ups with placement agencies, HR’s and companies with requirements in data science. It helps you get more interviews and easier placements. You will get placement calls from city of your choice.

It takes upto 4-5 months to complete the entire data science masters program with Top Mentor

‘Top Mentor’ is one of the rare data science training institute in Pune which helps 100% when you miss sessions. We will asssit you to cover up your syllabus even if you miss it. Teaching and completing your syllabus until you understand is our goal.

We have flixible batch timings both on weekdays and weekends. However, we recommend weekend batches to get more insights from industry experts.

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