How to install kali linux?

How to Install Kali Linux? (Dual Boot Method)


Generally, we have only one operating system in our device, what if we need multiple operating systems with us, like windows 7 as we are familiar to work on it, windows 10, for better secutiry, kali linux – for penetration system work and so on..Do we need more than 1 device for it? If its so, it would be quite difficult and economical too to have and maintain multiple systems otherwise we need to adjust on single operating system only, which is also not an option so there are some techniques with the help of which we can have multiple operating systems in one device only, you can have as much operating systems you want with this technique, when I want simaltenously 2 operating systems on a single device, technique which is used to have them is called as Dual Booting. This Dual booting has been one of the important part of Ethical hacking training now days as for performing practical, we will need atleast two operating systems and this is one of the best way to have it.

After dual booting, When we turn on our device, boot manager program displays, which asks us to choose any operating system we want to work on and we can select accordingly.

  1. If System is new and if you want it to dual boot with windows as well as kali, then you can follow the below procedure :

If windows is already installed, skip windows installation process and after creating partiton, jump to step 10 directly.

Step 1 : To dual boot your system with windows and kali linux. First you have to install windows on your system and then install kali linux. Here, we need to create partitions so Create three partitions, one is for windows installation and rest two is for kali linux installation.

Windows installation process: – 

Step 2 : For windows installation, so you will need 2 things :

1. Rufus app : To make USB bootable

you have to make a bootable usb drive of windows operating system with Rufus(https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/releases/download/v3.5/rufus-3.5.exe). After running rufus, it will look like following,



2. ISO image of operating system, which you want to install(Easily available on google)After running this application, in boot selection, select ISO image of windows 10, which we have downloaded, and click on start.

Now, click on start and it create your usb drive bootable. 

Your bootable device is now ready


Step 3 : Now connect this bootable USB to the device you want to dual boot, below screen will appear.


Step 4 : Now click on Install Now


Step 5 :Now mark the check box and click Next


Step 6 : Now select the custom install for advanced options


Step 7 : On the next the disk space will be unallocated. So, you have to make the disk space usable for installing the system. To allocate the disk space, click on New -> Apply -> Ok and your disk space is allocated for installing the system.


Step 8 :Select the Primary drive and click on Next


Step 9 : Now your windows system is installing. Now just sit back, wait and chill. Your system will install.

Step 10 :Now it’s time to install kali linux. Insert your bootable disk to install kali linux, now in rufus, instead of windows 10, you need to have ISO of kali linux (step 2)

Step 11 :Select Graphical Install


Step 12 :Select preferred language as I prefer English


Step 13 – Select your country


Step 14 – Select your keyboard language

Step 15 – Type any host name as your choice and click on continue


Step 16 -Type a password for your system and re-enter the same password to verify and click on continue


Step 17 -Select your time zone then click on continue


Step 18 – Use Manual option and then click on continue


Step 19 – Now use FREE SPACE option and press continue


Step 20 – Select Create a new partition and click on continue


Step 21 – Provide space for kali linux installation drive and then click on Continue


Step 22 – Now select the Logical option then press continue


Step 23 – And select the Beginning and click on Continue


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