Machine Learning Engineer At Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.

Key Skill

Job Description

Key Qualifications

Proven understanding of Python, and general software development skills (source code management, debugging, testing, deployment etc.)

Experience with NLP technologies & the handling of unstructured text

Detailed understanding of text pre-processing and normalisation techniques such as tokenisation, lemmatisation, stemming, POS tagging and parsing and how they work at a low level

Prior experience in implementation of industry solution with traditional ML – classification, regression or clustering problem

Working experience in Software Development Lifecycles, agile methodologies, and continuous integration

Expertise in text-analytics – Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Language modelling – and associated sequence learning models ( RNN, LSTM, GRU )

Comfort in working with deep-learning libraries (Tensorflow, Keras, Theano, PyTorch)

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Machine Learning Engineer At Apple Inc.